Third Reflection, Adult 640

This week I had the pleasure of working with my group to create training about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We started out a little slow since it was our first project but we quickly found our places and tried to work to our own strengths. I really wanted each person to do something creative–being able to incorporate different technologies into lessons/trainings makes the whole process more fun.

This week I did a podcast, which I had never done before. My husband has an mp3 recorder which he used for this story and I was anxious to do something similar. Interviewing on tape is probably not my greatest skill, as I tend to repeat myself a lot. But I had so much doing it and editing it. My husband even wrote the music! I like the idea of skill sharing, even when you’re getting him from someone who isn’t an instructor. Having a wide network of creative friends is very inspirational to me in my life and I’m glad I can bring it to my classroom life too.

The most unfortunate part of this project is that power at my house has been intermittent all week and I haven’t had internet in seven days. I’ve been working on this project at Martin’s, Starbucks, my sister-in-laws house, and on little breaks at work. It has been very stressful to get any work done without internet at home.

I’m not using this as a place to whine about my situation (but seriously Verizon: get your act together), but as a forum to discuss how difficult it is to take an online class (or even work on a project with classmates) without constant internet at home. I have helped students drop online classes because their internet wasn’t steady and I thought, “can’t they just go to the library?” and it’s not always that simple. What if they have young children or are in any situation that is more complicated than mine? I think success would be even more out of reach.

So in this last week I have become both an advocate for buried power lines (ha!) and free wi-fi for all. Wi-fi everywhere would help make online education spread to the most remote area and also to people who would not otherwise be able to leave the house to take a class (single parents, the disabled, etc).


4 thoughts on “Third Reflection, Adult 640

  1. Well, we have buried power lines but still lost power. Our main line that services us isn’t buried…grrr!! But we did get it back after about 36 hrs which wasn’t too bad compared to many others!

    I am impressed that you managed to learn how to podcast without even having internet. That is just awesome! I agree that wifi for all should be something that happens. I guess it is starting, but it is expensive and it would be nice for all to be able to have it.

  2. Melissa: Your group did fine and I loved the podcast! And while it never was “planned”, I have to thank Mother Nature for adding some interesting lessons to this week’s activities. For any of us creating and delivering eLearning, it helps to keep in mind that “life” happens, and to be flexible enough to accommodate it.

  3. I loved your podcast too. You are so creative! It would have taken me hours and hours to figure that out!! I have done podcasts on my laptop using Audacity and embedded them as WAV or MP3 file into a PowerPoint or LMS but I have never tried to remotely record one. You go girl!!
    Your comments about connectivity issues are ones that educators should should always be mindful of when teaching online. As we all discovered and Dr. Watwood indicated, flexibility is key in digital education. 🙂

  4. Hey Mel, First, I swear I posted a comment on Sunday when we were emailing about the blog :-/, so I apologize that there wasn’t a comment on here – I tell ya, I think i’m falling to peices.

    Anyway, I compeltely understand the frustration about not having internet at home. I cancelled my internet a while ago for financial reasons, and just use my phone. It has really made it difficult not just for online courses, but for all of the graduate courses I’ve taken. It requires a significant amount of planning when and where I’ll take my computer with me. But in a pinch, I can just run down the street to the McDonald’s. It’s amazing how many places have free wifi these days 🙂 I’ll have to check out Martins 🙂

    Hooray for one project down! and Talk with you soon!

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