Fifth Reflection, Adult640

This week was most notable for our synchronous group meetings via Google Plus hangouts. We had some technical difficulties both times (I did not know hangouts were video chats and I scrambled to put the Google + app on my iPad <—sentence I could not have dreamed of ten years ago). But it was so fun! I was able to take notes, enjoy an adult beverage, and surf the net for project information all while talking to Linda and Katherine! Once Rhett even joined by accident! We're going to do another hangout Tuesday.

For our project, I picked assessment because I knew the least about it, but I read so much this week. The concept of assessing learning is something I only know of from the student perspective, so I really enjoyed reading the text, the Blackboard readings, and all the research on assessment I've done for my project. It makes me think about my own experiences with assessment in school differently. Maybe if all students could see the whole process through and learn the theory they would not hate tests! Just kidding, that's not going to happen! But I do think that if you learn the theory behind assessment, it's like having secret spy information that will help you.

When trying to come up with a task for my big project, I kept forgetting that I needed to include online assessment in the task. I was trying to find (legal, which was also a task) videos of students on a TV show (I was looking at Community and Freaks & Geeks) taking a test. Once I began to find these, I realized how different assessing students online is from traditional classes–mostly, the student interaction was different, as were the types of assessment. Plus TV shows, even non-traditional ones, tend to use to cliches about “the big test” or whatever, and it seems like from the readings online assessment is about something other than tests and also assessing students more frequently to make sure they’re understand the material.

Even though I’m enjoying these weeks working on my own and strictly with my triad, I am counting the days until we return to the classroom so I can talk to everyone about their own experiences!


4 thoughts on “Fifth Reflection, Adult640

  1. Thoughtful video about assessment!
    There are so many types of assessment….formative, summative, peer, self, instructor, traditional, authentic, etc. Yet, most often students are subjected to one traditional type (like that in the video). What a shame! Learning shouldn’t stop just because the assignment is completed…you can learn so much from the assessment if it is creatively designed!

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  3. So it looks like I missed replying to this post :-/ ur sO right about assessment being more than just the big test at the end of the semester. I do think that if I had known more about assessment as an undergraduate student I would have looked at it differently. It’s amazing that as adult learners we can look back at possibly non-adult learning experiences and see them from a different perspective.

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