Sixth Reflection, Adult640

I am so proud of the other members Team Yikes, Linda and Katherine, and what the three of us have accomplished with our Webquest. It was important to us to have everything in one place, where we could add links or videos for extra teaching, and the Webquest really fulfilled our needs. I love how easy to read it is–Katherine and I were back and forth on the phone figuring out how to do certain bits of html code within the WordPress post guidelines (my tip: GOOGLE IT. That’s how Katherine made the boxes around the assignments!). While we worked on this via Google Doc like the PB&J project, the fact that the final result was using a different way to deliver information was very important to us. It challenged us to think about other technologies and methods.

Even though the information was important, I definitely spent the most time creating my assignment and the rubric for the assignment. I don’t know if it’s because I had no prior knowledge of assessment theory or because it’s relatively easy for me to write a literature review and research proposal after EDUS660, but this was the most challenging part of the project for me. I wrote about it a bit in my last blog, but even then I didn’t have everything figured out. I can imagine the struggles many teachers have with assessment and keeping it creative.

During one of our Google+ chat sessions, we realized that the assignments we chose were reflections on ourselves. Linda’s assignment was a brochure, and she is a very creative “idea” person–she helped encourage us to do a Google Doc on the first assignment and the WebQuest this time. Katherine chose a chart that can be edited by the group, and she is very good with data and information. My assignment was an individual blog based on a TedTalk, which combines my love of internet videos with personal reflection.

The other two groups did such a great job too–so professional looking and full of great information. I am learning so much about available technology and how to navigate it. I’m glad the assignments are group based, as Team Yikes! works so well together.

I hope I can get my tasks accomplished soon–I spent the first half of the weekend watching Game of Thrones with my poor husband, who sometimes takes a backseat to schoolwork. Learning the balance of full time work, school and a personal life is something I still have to work on, but I’m feeling more comfortable saying no to friends and family during the busiest school times.


4 thoughts on “Sixth Reflection, Adult640

  1. You and Katherine did a GREAT job formatting the WebQuest into WordPress. It turned out wonderful. I definitely liked the organizational component of the WebQuest for a learning module. It keeps all the information & resources at your fingertips and clearly identifies the assignments and evaluation aspects for the student. Will be interesting to see the final results (and what everyone else thought about the WebQuest format) on our survey.

    • I liked the WebQuest too, I thought the structure was great and provided us with very specific things to work towards, which we definitely needed in the beginning when we were all overwhelmed!

  2. I find it fascinating how each of the three teams came at similar projects with such unique processes. Our discussion back in class should be interesting!

  3. Now – you are awesome! I can’t believe that I had to get someone to tell me to Google a question I was having, but you sure helped me figure out how to find the information we needed. And I completely understand the need to find a balance between work, school work, family, house chores, dishes (I have no dishwasher), Summer commitments, and just life in general. I too am proud of our team for working so well together and conquering both technological challenges and explorations.

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