Seventh Reflection, Adult 640

I know I said in class that I felt like after the project the class should have been over but I really was happy to meet with everyone this week! It was so interesting to hear how they created their projects and found the technology they used. It was also great to get back into having discussions as a class–the different backgrounds and careers of my classmates sparks some fascinating conversations! I will say I felt a little young hearing people talk about children using phones all the time! Even though I’m in my thirties, I know I am just as addicted to my phone as those kids are. I brought it into my work holiday party so I could Instagram things! I’m trying to be a bit more professional at work and make my gadget use a little more discreet but I do understand the need to be connected all the time or tell everyone every detail of everything you’re doing

This is going to seem a little shallow but one of the things I liked best about some of the longer readings this week is that they were PDFs and I was able to save them in iBooks on my iPad. It’s a little thing but having readings on a tablet that I take with me everywhere as opposed to my laptop which doesn’t leave two rooms of my house is essential. I love the idea of being able to transport knowledge with mobile devices, and I know we’re going to talk about that this week but it’s really changed the way I study and learn.

The Horizon Report was so fascinating! Sometimes when I read articles on emerging teaching trends I worry that I will know nothing of what’s reported. However, with my experience in my current job, friendships with teachers of all kinds and deep love of technology and social media, the article made a lot of sense to me.

All of the emerging technologies really has me thinking about taking a MOOC to just experience it. I notice that in some of the Coursera classes the textbooks are free (I certainly can’t afford even more books) and I also like that those classes have specific begin and end dates and the descriptions even give you the number of hours that you will spend per week on them! I am looking forward in learning something new for free–the choices are so vast and are often things in which I do not have a strong background (so not literature or feminist theory), so I know I can explore my interest in subjects. Maybe I like computer science or design but I didn’t know because nothing was available to me in college?

I was thinking though… I wonder if all the free e-learning is going to be valued by employers? A lot of professional certifications are nothing more than member fees and tests… it’s crazy to me how people love to put all this crap after their names and I worry that these classes are just going to gunk up peoples’ resumes. I do have some hope in it, and am trying to encourage my husband to play on some of the site as it might give him ideas of what to do next.


3 thoughts on “Seventh Reflection, Adult 640

  1. It may be too early to figure out how employers will value self-directed learning, but then again, isn’t self-directed learning something that employers generally say they want in their employees?

  2. I think the question starts with how does the designer of a MOOC authentically assess learning? Just because a student has a certificate of completion doesn’t mean the student learned. So as an employer I would want validation that the participant did more than just participate. I guess I feel the same way about people that have twenty-five initials after their name….”show me the money”!

  3. Good point, about needing to validate that learning occured. I think that as the web proliferated, open education has become more important. One video at the beginning of the course was of a student commenting about his class. He mentioned in the video that information doesn’t have any value because it is so common; but i think that the value of information is near infinite because one can better their situation by learning. The problems instead lie with 1) confirming that authentic interaction with content has occured (as you spoke to) and 2) finding the self-motivation to work towards self-improvement (as I know I’ll struggle with)…

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