Adult 641, Reflection One

Photo I took of Gull playing in a truck in front of the Landmark that is not relevant to adult learning.

I am so glad I chose this concentration in the adult learning program because I feel such a connection to the material–I am always engaged and never feel like I am being forced to read something.

I use so many digital media tools in my personal life–Twitter, FB, flickr, Tumblr, WordPress blogs, Google Reader, Diigo, Instgram, Pinterest–and I almost feel like my world is oversaturated with them. Right now I’m blogging a lot, but it’s putting my photography and my pinning (and therefore interest in my house/wardrobe, which is what I mostly pin) in the background. My Google Reader rarely stays below 1000. I just can’t seem to figure out a way to sustain my interest in a majority of these tools at once.

I’m hoping that if I see them in more practical terms I will see the uses of them beyond the immediate. I just wish there was more time in the day!

This is a very simple thing, but having the readings as PDFs on my iPad instead of paper makes reading for class so much easier. I can read anywhere. It’s one way technology has made learning so much better for this adult student. I feel so much more organized.

I liked the readings, and the way they explained personal learning networks. I have access to such a wide variety of knowledge through my own PLN and I do take advantage of it from time to time, asking questions (about, say, Apple product help or baking assistance) to my friends, and by extension, their friends. I just never had a name for it before.

This post really surprised me with the sheer number of different ways people conceptualize a visual representation of their PLEs. No two are exactly the same.

Looking forward to reading my classmates’ blogs!


14 thoughts on “Adult 641, Reflection One

  1. I also like the variety of conceptualizations of PLE’s and PLN’s. It will be interesting to see how YOU conceptualize the concept after working with Jeff and the 641 folks!

    • I definitely think my conceptualizations of adult learning theories and concepts are ever-changing–I learned that’s ok from reading the blogs of my classmates, who often change their views too. At first I seemed to be stuck in my ways but I’m a little more open now–just like everyone else!

  2. I love the way you have woven so many interests into your adult learning – photography, writing, exploration and application of digital media – it’s a true example of how our personal learning networks are often very “integrated”. And, you are definitely a great example of the self directed learner! I look forward to learning with you, Melissa!

  3. I really enjoyed looking through the PLE diagrams you posted. That helped me conceptualize this concept even more. Thanks so much for posting.

    I also love how much you already have a PLN. Seems like prior to this course you were already very much using one! It will be interesting how it changes with time.

  4. Love the photo and your enthusiasm about the class. I’m looking forward to engaging in more digital media and how it can be used to not only engage me as a participant but empower my interaction and feedback from others.

  5. I beg to differ with the caption on your photo… I feel that there are learning opportunities in almost everything we do, maybe in everything we do. For example, based on your photo, I might decide to learn more about The Landmark (aka The Mosque) or about Gull and his music. And if you figure out how to get more hours in the day for all the cool stuff there is to read, please let us know!

    • Thanks for making my photo seem less “random.” I just really like reading blogs with pictures and I figure everyone else does too. Plus if I use my own photos I don’t have to credit them. 😉
      I will let you know if I find a better way beyond making myself into a robot that doesn’t sleep! There’s just so much information out there and I want to know ALL OF IT.

  6. I have to dive in here on your lead-in, where you say the photo has nothing to do with adult learning…I think PLAY and serendipity have a huge amount to do with adult learning. The picture actually captured my attention and got me to thinking about the importance of lots of things…perhaps many of which you didn’t intend. Black and white pic contrasts the spirit of the mosque with drumming in the back of the truck…irreverent? Anyway…I enjoyed the post.

  7. Isn’t it interesting how people caught the caption under the image and allowed it to carry them away? I agree with Jeff in terms of the importance “play” makes in the lives of adult learners. I wonder how different life would be if we incorporated play into our work rather than compartmentalizing it?
    I go through times where I find it difficult to pull myself away from my computer and each of the digital areas that intrigue me. I find that it’s useful to set a time limit for the amount of time that I spend on-line. Pinning our interests on a cyberboard rather than doing something about them doesn’t show evidence of balance, in my opinion. (Yes, I have a board-one that I have forgotten about over the last several months, but enjoy using periodically.)

    • Your comment was really thoughtful and made me consider how much time I spend being passive in my Internet life and how much time I spend being active. I write, blog, do photography… but I do think I could do more than I do now if I give up some of my passive hobbies! So thank you! Even if this wasn’t your intention, I really appreciate it.

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