Adult 641, Reflection Seven

The Intro

I am in the throes of my big project and I’m trying to use a variety of media while still creating a cohesive project. I have never successfully made a video so I bought the iMovie app for my iPad last week. I watched a You Tube video on my phone on how to do it and I started immediately. I didn’t have any videos to play with so I recorded 10 seconds of my bedroom.

The app is pretty foolproof. It was made for children and people who want to have Apple tell them what to do. It’s perfect for this project–I plan to interview a few blogger friends on my iPad and edit it together with their names on the bottom. Very simple.

The drawbacks of the straightforward app were really showing through after a few minutes. If you like to be creative with fonts and type placement, this is not the right app. Everything is preselected for you and you have very little control. For example, the any titles you put on will stay on the entire frame, until you cut away with a different clip.

Since my pc will never be able to perform these tasks, I am stuck doing all video editing on my iPad and/or iPhone. Thankfully it’s pretty easy. Who knows, maybe one day I will be the next Lena Dunham (but ten years older).

The Test

The only videos I have on my phone are live bands and you can’t really put those together so I decided to make my own video to practice my new skills! I tried to take video while I was out thrifting but it felt creepy so I just made something much less exciting.

I recorded about 10 short clips during a car ride home on Monday. Clips are better because they allow me to practice editing them together and fading them in and out. I ended up using about five in my final video. Although you can loop a song or add as many as you want, I wanted this video to be the exact length of my song so I edited the clips until it fit perfectly in two minutes and eleven seconds, then added a fade out and titles.

Some observations:
* I think I can only cut from the beginning or ending of a clip. I know why it’s like that (would be very disjointed otherwise) but it might be useful.
* I have to mute each clip individually? Blerg. It’s nice that I can mute, though, because it allows me to put my own music over top of it. You can also vary sound levels if you want both music and the video’s sounds.
* I can’t move the titles or make them two lines on purpose.
* Inside the app, the fades seemed to slow everything down during replay but once I posted the video and watched it they seemed pretty natural.
* When you’re done you can upload to Vimeo (or the video site of your choice) with the click of a button. Vimeo is aesthetically pleasing and has great privacy controls so I really like it.

Aside from a few things, I really enjoyed using iMovie. I did this video completely on my iPhone (editing and music too) and it was clear and easy to see.

You can find the video I made embedded below. The password is adlt641–enter it and then hit play. It’s not good enough to be open to the world but I wanted to share it with you all! I’m sure many of you have used this tool for personal use but it has so much potential for both teaching and assessment.

Going Home from Melissa Koch on Vimeo.


8 thoughts on “Adult 641, Reflection Seven

    • Thank you! It was $5 and you can use it for anything. It’s really easy to get a Vimeo account and upload directly from iMovie. I think I will add this to the post. 😉

  1. Very cool! I’m so bad, I have a flip video camera, but I’ve never used it. You think I would have worn it out taking videos of the dogs, right? Hmmm… might have to give it a try this coming weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Sounds exciting, Mel! We look forward to seeing the final project. My ideas for my PLN presentation are coming along nicely…I’m still stuck on the final project. It will probably come to me in the shower two days before it’s due! LOL

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