Adult 641, Reflection ten

I have used video conferencing mostly for school-related activities–notably, when my triad this summer worked on our project in Adult 640. I liked that I could wear pajamas and drink beer while working with my group synchronously. This is also one way where my iPad is a huge advantage: I was able to put my iPad down (I hold it up with a plate rest) and use my laptop, which doesn’t have a built-in camera, at the same time.
My best friend (the one I do the TV blog with) lives in Alexandria, and we often gchat during X Factor. Last year we used Google Talk (compatible with her laptop and my iPad) to watch the Eurovision finals live, drink wine and make fun of Jedward (from 2012 Eurovision but way better than 2011).

This is her screenshot of Eurovision on part of her screen and me on the other!

I tried to get her to video chat with me this week so I could blog about it but she does not like how she looks on video chat (no one does). During the summer our triad was too busy talking for me to really figure out the “extras” with Google Hangout (or even how to successfully invite people!) so it’s definitely something I want to practice.

I can’t believe our class is almost over! I know we’ll only be split up for a month but the thought of it makes me sad. Oh well, more tweeting!


3 thoughts on “Adult 641, Reflection ten

  1. Like you, most of my web conferencing has either been one-on-one where we both see each other (Skype), or myself presenting to a mass of people that I could not see (Wimba). What excites me about the coming tools is the ability to have a conversation with multiple people, very similar to what one would have at a coffee shop.

    I liked your trick of iPad for conversation while working on laptop…I’ll definitely be doing that.

  2. I use the ipad-laptop combo too! I prop the ipad up against something while I type on the laptop keyboard. Thank goodness they wised up and came out with a Google Hangout ipad app because for a while (this summer) only the iphone app existed and the picture was so small!
    So it sounds like you and your BF are visually backchanneling X Factor? Is is still considered backchanneling if it’s not a part of Twitter? I also enjoy socially drinking online..its fun, and safer:)

  3. Haha, I had a glass of wine in hand during each ADLT 636 Google hang-out session that we held in the Spring (I think the whole group did). I loved the laid-back nature of it, and the fact that we could come together at convenient times without having to travel. There were certainly some hiccups with the technology, but once we got the hang of it, everything went really smoothly and it was awesome. Is that your super short hair I’ve heard tell of??? CUTE!

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