Adult 641, reflection eleven

As I have been thinking about my PLN the past few weeks due to our project, I have started thinking that I, and more specifically, my blog, have not been connecting with enough people lately.  The number of hits we’ve been getting a day does not correspond to the number of Twitter followers we have. [note: I say we here because I run the blog with my BFF]

Realizing that people were not clicking the Twitter icon on our blog after reading it like I thought they would, I decided to try the opposite: build a network of rad Twitter friends who like the same things, so we could engage in conversation. That is what social media is about, not promoting yourself.

We have one new friend who is also a blogger and has lots of cool blogger and librarian friends across the country. I went on Twitter and looked at the people she follows and that follow her. Somehow I even found one of my favorite tumblr people on there too! We’ve added about twenty five real people to our network.

A weird thing happened though. Some of those people followed us back. But then other people started following us that were friends of a new followers. At least ten people!

Now more people will read my genius tweets like this, which used to go to no one:

I knew all of this stuff before, believe me. My husband is very popular on Twitter and has given me many lectures. But I never did it for my blog. I thought people would find us on their own, but now I’m seeing how community supports blogs. This is something I am learning from my project, too, and plan to cover there.

Thanks to Lindsey, whose blog on the Personal Learning Adventures of PLNs made me think of my own learning adventure!


3 thoughts on “Adult 641, reflection eleven

  1. Mel, love the idea of creating a blog with your BFF! Do you watch the show and chat with your friend simultaneously? (I am reminded of Harry and Sally watching Casablanca and talking on a corded land line phone! LOL) It seems to take a long time to collect a following. I wonder how long people stick with a blog and continue reading and commenting? I haven’t done this long enough to have a sense of the community. When all of my classwork is finished, I will certainly go back and read more of your blog. Until then, I’ll try to catch up with “Elementary” using Xfinity, as I seem to miss the episodes when they are aired!

  2. I, too, think it’s awesome that you and Katie (?) have a pop culture blog together. That’s pretty rad in itself, even without all the Twitter followers. 🙂 You inspire me to become more active in the blogosphere (like, beyond the Adult Learning program). I mean, I definitely follow a lot of non- adult learning blogs, but I’ve never kept one myself. I think it’s so cool that you two ladies are building a name for yourselves!

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