Adult 642, Reflection one

Personal learning goals related to instructional design

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Since I have worked in HR for over ten years, and I facilitated trainings when I worked in central HR at VCU, I thought I would enter the Adult Learning program in the HRD track.  However, when I was exploring potential careers with this degree the idea of an instructional designer was very intriguing to me, especially because it would enable me to stay in higher education if I chose.

About half of my classmates have taken Adult 606–Design & Delivery of Programs. I will be taking it this fall, so perhaps I do not have the foundation that some others have, which does worry me. I think it’s going to take me a while to figure out how to get in the mindset of an instructional designer. That’s OK–I  know I am a MUCH harsher critic of myself and my schoolwork than others. But I am very overwhelmed at the amount of proposed work (maybe because I am not familiar with the design process yet?) and I’m anxious to get started on it so I don’t fall behind. I am taking another class this semester, and I had a very rough end of semester in December, so I hope to not duplicate that hell this spring.

While this is the capstone in our concentration, I am only 1/3 of the way through the program, so I am still in my “exploratory” phase of my career (I know I don’t want to do HR anymore and I’m still wishing VCU had an MLS program). I want to soak up everything I’m learning and worry about specifics later. Maybe I’ll do something with educational technology and social media, or maybe I will get further into program administration (something I kind of already do).

I do understand that all the work I am doing here is building to something bigger, and I am planning to work on my blog/Twitter/etc over the next year and a half, as they do represent me online to potential employers. I’m taking a MOOC starting in a few weeks (along with everyone I know!), and I’m trying to build my knowledge of educational technology, instructional design, online coursework, social media and web design in creative ways I can add to my resume.

I am glad that this class is focused on doing instructional design, and I love the idea of practical projects–actually helping instructors put their learning online. I think I will learn a lot from these projects. Maybe I will learn I don’t want to do instructional design! Who knows?!

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12 thoughts on “Adult 642, Reflection one

  1. Hello, Mel
    “Oh, the places you’ll go” by Dr. Seuss comes to mind as I read through your thoughts about this next adventure. One of the highlights of furthering one’s education is how each adventure opens anther door. While you may not wish to enter the door it’s always an opportunity that’s waiting for you to explore.

    A possible thought comes to mind crowdsource! You haven’t engaged with the EDCMOOC FB page in a long time. Perhaps you might consider reintroducing yourself to the over 1,500 who are now members. Tell them what you’re doing and ask who has experience with design and delivery of the sort of program that you’re learning about. If memory serves me well, this very topic was being discussed earlier in the week. There is a course through Georgia Tech that’s being offered soon regarding the delivery of on-line programs that many are taking. I know that you don’t have room on your plate for another class, but maybe there are individuals who would enjoy dialoguing with you?

    Yesterday I participated in my first Google Hangout! We found a time that was suitable for the east coast, London, Edinburgh and Sydney that would work and we chatted away for nearly an hour. Everyone loved the opportunity to visit and hear each the voices of those whom we’ve chatted with for the last two months.

    People in the MOOC world are very busy, but love to share and help. New technology is intriguing and everyone seems to be willing to give an idea about how to solve a problem when it arises. With this idea in mind, you might get too much help, if that’s possible!

    The opportunity to see connectivism in action, might help you to process through this class with a greater sense of comfort. It will also provide another outlet to show how you make your learning visible. I’m happy to ask my “peeps” if they have experience in this area as well!

    I look forward to following your progress. I will see you in Design and Delivery next fall!

    • I am going to really try to participate in the group more, but I’m having trouble balancing two classes, working full time, running a blog, taking a MOOC and trying to spend time with my friends (I didn’t see them at all last semester and I feel AWFUL). Once I figure it all out, I will have a routine for the next few months. It’s a new adjustment every semester. Thanks for being so encouraging, as always!! 😉

  2. Hey Mel – I, similarly, have not taken Design & Delivery, but I get the feeling that, after taking this class, we’ll be prepared for it when it comes around! I’m also right there with you on the fear factor, but I know that the class as a whole will help each other get through it; that’s the beauty of connectivism. Here’s to the room!

  3. I’ve only got one more class and the Capstone to take, and I STILL don’t know what I want to be when I grow up! I mean, ideally, I could be a professional student, but I hear that doesn’t pay enough to cover the mortgage. 🙂 Like you, I want to soak up everything I’m learning about… I know it is making me better just being aware of these theories, ideas, and tools. This class is going to challenge all of us in terms of the workload, but here’s to spring NOT being the hell that December was!

  4. We are in the same boat Mel. I know that you can do it! I have no doubt. It’s about growth and learning, not so much where you are right now but where you will be. I agree with Laurie that the Dr Seuss book is quite fitting.

  5. You are right in that everything you’re doing will lead to something bigger. You already have a great amount of knowledge about many things and I believe your efforts will serendipitously lead you to find something more fulfilling. As for the workload this semester, we will support and advocate for one another! Oh, and I too dream of being a professional student 🙂

  6. I really think you will enjoy the Design and Delivery of Programs class, but I doubt your “not having the foundation” will affect you here. The “doing” focus of this class is what I’m looking forward to also, and I know we have additional kinesthetic/tactile (my favorite) learners in our class.

    What is the LMS program? & What MOOC are you taking?

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