Adult 642, reflection five

How is everyone’s first foray into 7 Things About coming? I’m finding it very difficult to get so much information into such a brief and specific format. I like my topic so much (typography in instructional design) and I’m pouring over the books I checked out and the articles I saved to my iPad but I think I’m spending too much time on the research. That seems to be something my classmates struggle with too–knowing when to say stop!

The other entertaining bit about this assignment is that I have read ten of these things for Jeff’s class and never realized they each had the same format/questions. I started my research (this was a while ago, so it wasn’t much time lost) trying to come up with 7 aspects of typography to write about! Then once I read the instructions, it all made sense to me.

The more I learn about instructional design, the more I think it has something in common with what I actually do at work. In both of my roles, Human Resources and program administration, I am tasked with delivering information to people. I manage all of Summer Studies’ web and social media presence and I always try to make it better. I want students to learn as much from the website and blog as they possibly can. But seeing the website (and all the information on it) as a deliverable really makes me look at my job differently. I’m looking forward to make some updates this spring.


I apologize for missing class last week due to illness. I would like to publicly thank Wally and Katherine for kicking ass on the presentation to Dr. Carter. They are the best group mates a girl could ask for!


3 thoughts on “Adult 642, reflection five

  1. Hope you’re feeling MUCH better this week! It’s amazing how much we can translate what we’re learning about into so many different career fields. I have stopped being surprised by the similarities I find (and instead just enjoy making the connection) between teaching and marketing in the sense you mentioned that it is about communicating information effectively to others.

  2. eLearning is Communication Technologies. Our work in our “Information Age” is problem solving and communicating solutions from the foundational knowledge of expert.

    I’ve always been amazed at how the choice of typography can set context and expectations of the reader, communicating even before you begin to read. Looking forward to your information.

  3. I look forward to your presentation because I also enjoy typography!
    As I’ve played with fonts and spacing for tomorrow’s presentation I’ve paused a few times to consider what your research may reveal about my choices 🙂

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