Adult 642, reflection six

More on Typography

I liked working in the 7 Things format, because it helped streamline my research. I read more articles than I needed to and it was kind of hard to hold back because I liked the topic so much!

One of the writers I cited, Rob Waller, I found because his 1982 article, Text as Diagram, was referenced in some of the research I found on ERIC. He has been researching and writing about typography and instructional design for years and his website even has all of his writings on it, many with links to full articles. It’s definitely worth reading through if you’re interested in typography.

Anthology mag  header

Lindsey, here is one of my favorite fonts! From Anthology Mag. I love how the smaller font is simple but the ampersand refers back to the style of the logo.

I really don’t like when people mix fonts–it interferes with legibility. However, headers and magazine titles look great in an unusual font with the rest of the text in something that complements the header. I enjoyed researching this topic and finding that my dislike of mixed fonts is totally justified–it is jarring!

Vine Logo

Here are the links to my first and second Vines. I think the app went from what is this?—>hugely popular—>backlash—>only interested people use it fairly quickly (in two weeks or so). It’s fascinating to follow the rise and fall of these apps as trends. Anyway, I think it’s fun and if you have a smart phone it’s a cool thing to play around with! It records sound too, so you can do that.

Research Presentations & New Design Project

As usual, I loved the presentations on Wednesday and I learned so much from all of you! I love that we all have divergent interests so each presentation is different.

I thought Joanne Huebner’s project was REALLY tough. I feel like we got so much background information but I am still

I like the idea of designing/organizing an LMS but not as much researching them. However, I did find a few after Googling “low cost LMS” that look promising:


I think solving this problem is going to be complicated, because there are so many factors at work here, including getting around the firewalls at schools! I am not familiar with this at all (VCU is pretty open) so I am going to have to do some deep Googling to find a work around.

It might be interesting to also create an alternative that does not use an LMS but password-protected websites. If these are tied to the school site they would be easily accessible at the schools but there is still the question of incorporating social media. I think bbs will be pretty easy but creating faux social media doesn’t always work because no one wants to use it, as we only have time for so many variants of Twitter/Facebook in our lives.

How are we going to do the analysis of Joanne Huebner as a group? I will try to email you all as a group and ask what how we are going to start the brainstorming process. Someone has to be that person, might as well be me! [I’m busy with the Oscars tonight but I’m off tomorrow!]


5 thoughts on “Adult 642, reflection six

  1. Ha Ha Ha! The last line about Oscar Night shouldn’t surprise anyone that knows you. I am sure that you’ll have lots to tweet about tonight and blog about tomorrow!
    The concept of Topography is very interesting. It’s a concept that we take for granted until we are asked to engage with a piece of text that is either difficult to read or quite simply offensive to us! What was Joanne’s project about? What are you being asked to do?

    I look forward to reading more in the weeks to come!

  2. Cool post Mel! I’m so glad you presented on typography. It really is an interesting field especially considering human cognition. I liked the Anthology font. Even VCU has font considerations, which you can find on their brand guidelines website. In my other class, we took these into consideration when creating a brochure for a client. It’s interesting that fondant can play a role in how people perceive an organization. Thanks again!

  3. That is a BEAUTIFUL font. I also love the clean simplicity of the magazine’s blog.

    You’ve shared some great leads for the project. I’m looking forward to getting together and figuring out the best approach to tackle #3 🙂

  4. And you guys said you didn’t know anything about Marketing… the selection of a font and what that conveys about a brand is VERY marketing. 🙂 I felt very lost during the presentation last week, but I had an epiphany about it on the ride home. Definitely not what we were expecting, but I do think this is a very real-world scenario that we could run into in adult education. Looking forward to the discussion this week!

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