Adult 642, reflection seven

NASA Computer

I am really enjoying working on this Huebner project with my group! I thought it would be very difficult for me, since there are no real guidelines, but that freedom has allowed me to be creative and come up with some really great ideas. Also, I’m thankful for working with such great women who are so supportive!

We had a Google hangout tonight and we were talking about the systems we’re analyzing for this project. We wish we had more time and experience with instructional design so we could fully assess each tool. For example, I spent hours looking at a few websites of some low-cost LMSes so I could compare them to our newly created system. I felt that I could compare what each offered without actually downloading a trial version to my laptop, but think of how much more effective of an instructional designer I would be if I could really explore these systems first hand! I’m bounded by a day job and other classwork right now but it’s definitely something I would be interested in later on.

Looking forward to regrouping on Wednesday and talking about Dr. Dwyer’s project!

Photo from NASA’s Creative Commons on flickr.


One thought on “Adult 642, reflection seven

  1. You’ve sparked my interest in wondering what you are doing and about the creative ideas that you’ve generated. I really enjoy using Google Hangouts and find that it’s valuable to tape them and revisit to discover what you may have missed or need to reconsider. How in the world did groups survive without this tool in the past?

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