Adult 642, reflection eight

In which I admit to struggling with being a good leader

Even though we worked on it for weeks, Joanne Huebner’s design project was by far the most challenging.
Band leader

Not all projects have leaders–most of the time we have been pretty equally collaborative. But with one team member missing the class analysis and another one (mistakenly, of course, because she is totally brilliant) assuming that she does not know that much about systems, I stepped up. I split up tasks and gave everyone goals. I was a cheerleader for new ideas and sometimes a counselor too.

Being a leader added an extra level of stress that I was not prepared for. Deadlines became scarier and I felt so much pressure to produce an excellent project. I spent hours researching and working on it but probably an equal number of hours fretting.

As the project took shape, we all felt some relief. Everything made sense! Early on, I looked at the structure of our document and wondered how it was all going to fit together. Once my teammates added their sections, the project had a proper flow. I was so pleased!

Even more exciting was hearing the ideas of the other groups in class. They were all so different! But, in reality, each one could work. A combination of all of them would meet the program’s needs, too. The amazing work of all my classmates (and friends!) is one of the reasons I enjoy this class (and program) so much.

I am currently taking Groups and Teams and this experience was so relevant to what we’re learning in that class–I’m going to post another blog here talking about how these classes interact with each other!

I thought someone would have to say it after Lindsey’s FANTASTIC Google presentation the other day, but is anyone as devastated by the loss of Google Reader as I am? When I logged into Reader the other day and saw the pop up, I nearly lost it. However, I’ve been using Feedly for a few days and I really like it (I think Lindsey would like it too!). I’m fascinated by all the blogs I’ve seen since Wednesday that  mourn the loss of GR. I think it’s one of the biggest sudden losses (myspace was gradual) of technology since I’ve been paying attention.

Photo of band leader from State Library of Queensland, Australia Creative Commons on flickr.


8 thoughts on “Adult 642, reflection eight

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  2. Thanks for the recommendation to switch to Feedly. While I failed miserably with my RSS experiment last semester, it was comforting to know that Google Reader was there when I was ready to try try again. I, too, was surprised and saddened at the news when I read it earlier this week.

    As for your leadership skills, I think your group made a phenomenal presentation on a very viable platform. It’s made me think what else I could do with my WordPress blog. Did you see what I tweeted yesterday about P2 on WP? I didn’t remember that as part of your presentation, but then again, you covered so many great features, maybe I missed it.

    Kudos to Yikes II. Unlike some movie sequels, this rendition of the team is just as good as the first one.

    • Currently checking into P2–thanks for the rec!

      On my other blog, we use a lot of plugins, but I admit that I let my blogging partner do a lot of that. I am amazed, looking at everything we could potentially use to entice or engage our readers.

      Thanks Joanne! Yikes II is even better than Toy Story 2. Or so I like to think.

  3. Mel, what is your project? What exactly are you doing for Joanne? I remember meeting her briefly when she came to Dr. Muth’s class to explain Twitter. I was never a fan of Google Reader, but I assumed that it was because I just couldn’t keep up with everything. I’ll certainly check-out Feedly. Wonder what is next for Google?

    • In this class we are tacking real life design problems, and Joanne’s was to create an online management system for Virginia’s adult educators through DOE. Each group did something different, and we (Kat, Wally and I) tackled WordPress.

      I couldn’t live without my RSS. Feedly is much more visual and less news-y than GR. The desktop version is kind of crappy so far but I love the app on my iPad.

  4. Mel, I thought your group’s project was wonderful! It was great to learn about all of the capabilities of WordPress. And I agree with you about Google Reader – thanks for sharing the info about Feedly.

  5. Mel – you did an amazing job with Heubner and with Dwyer! It is interesting how all of our classes do seem to inter-relate, and we’re all connected in our knowledge and by helping each other; your recommendation for a new reader is a case in point.

  6. Great project result. You must have organized your group well to collaborate together and combine their inputs into a great product. Create confidence in your leadership skills for a job well done.

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