Adult 642, reflection ten

I’m really proud of the work Katherine, Wally and I have been doing all semester! Kat and I met in person once in the beginning (when we didn’t really know what we were doing), but everything else was communicated via email, Google Hangout, or in five minute brainstorming sessions in class.

At first, I was really worried about doing enough work and giving the instructors plenty of ideas, but after the first project we quickly realized that more wasn’t better. Having well thought-out, organized ideas that are clearly presented is the key to these instructional design projects.

Library of Congress Clock

As I begin my “40% project,” a WordPress site and Blackboard organization for Dr. Cowles’ Marketing class, I am realizing how important the planning, pre-work stages of this project are. 25 hours is not a lot of time. I could spend that just reading about certain Blackboard attributes and learning theory about LMSes. I spent at least three times that on my final project for 641. The time limit is truly the most difficult part of the process. Time management will be another life skill I perfect in this program (along with working in groups, communication, brainstorming, setting goals and many more).

I am going to keep a good record of how I spend my 25 hours and then reflect on it here. Did I use my time wisely? How much time did I spend reading and researching versus doing? What did I learn? I’m hoping that holding myself to weekly reflections will 1. assure I work at least 5 hours a week and 2. keep me honest about my progress.

I’m looking forward to the next few weeks and the challenges this final project will bring.

Photo from the Library of Congress on flickr.


2 thoughts on “Adult 642, reflection ten

  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you all create. I do know that everything that you create reflects time, thought and concern about the user and the outcome!

  2. The record is to help you understand that the thinking time is essential but you also need to know how long, personally, it takes to produce certain products….

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