Adult 642, reflection eleven

I’m sitting here on a Saturday night, watching this week’s Nashville, barely, while also working on three different school projects. This is the second night in a row of this. And Y’ALL (maybe that’s my Rayna James/Tami Taylor coming out), I am tired. Burned out.

This time of the semester is always hard for me–so many things to keep up with. But I can’t keep up with my personal life either. It took me many hours over facebook to solidfy meal plans with two of my girlfriends because we (mostly me) were all too busy. I am turning down lots of invites that I don’t get when the weather is colder and school is less stressful. I’m going away overnight this week for my anniversary and I’m worried about getting project time in before that. My job is entering the super busy season too!

So how do my fellow classmates manage this insanely crazy time of year? So far I’ve tried walking outdoors (helps, but allergies), drinking (it’s a depressant, people!), doing fun stuff (just made me feel guilty about not doing schoolwork), cleaning (same result as the previous one), making lists (not really active) and some other things that didn’t help. How do I prevent further burn out?

I’m working on my 40% project and I have only logged a handful of hours, which seems really low. I guess I didn’t count the endless hours of thinking. I am doing it in pieces, checking things off my list, which is the only way to not get completely overwhelmed. I want to do a great job but I also don’t want to stress myself going overboard–there is a time limit and I am working within those boundaries.

Things I’m currently doing:

  • Converting all the Word documents on the site to PDFs. This is very tedious, but I much prefer PDFs in Blackboard. It opens in your browser instead of a new window and, as an iPad owner, I love how tablet-friendly PDFs are. I expect this, along with the site reorg, will take the most time but will overall have the greatest impact for the students.
  • Working on the class blog. Instead of the Announcements, Dr. Cowles will be able to post to a VCU WordPress blog, which I will try to collect in an RSS feed on the Blackboard site. This gives students the ability to respond to the current news and information she posts and engage more with the material. I’m posting directions and information about all of this in the site.
  • So much of this is being written in Google Drive. In the past year it’s become my most used technology. I am drafting some blog verbage in it and I’m using it to keep track of my time spent, amongst other things (like keeping a draft list for fantasy baseball!). I like that I can update any of this at work when I have a random thought in the middle of the day or in bed when I’m reading, I can close my iBook and type into my iPad app.

Future thoughts:

  • Dr. Cowles is switching to a new textbook and it might affect the reorganization. This is something I will have to work with her on in the next few weeks.
  • Redesigning course instructions to include new technology?
  • Blueprint assignment. This is done within a Blackboard process that I have to teach myself. I know very little about class creation and maintenance in Bb so this will take me longer than I would like.
  • Setting up course blogs inside Bb?
  • A little design work with banners and photos.
  • Updating course documents for dates and new hybrid information.
  • Making the course schedule a Word table and merging it with the assignments document.

Also this is the first project I’m doing without my group and I miss them a lot! I wish I was Google Plusing with you ladies this weekend!


2 thoughts on “Adult 642, reflection eleven

  1. You’re not the only one stressing during this time of year – I’m sure everyone is. I like the PDF ease of access consideration when using a tablet. I don’t imagine too many designers put that level of thought into their “end products.”

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