Adult 642, reflection twelve

This week I’m a little more on task–Wednesday’s class time and conversation with Joyce my old group really helped focus my work. I think I initially thought I had time for more work, but I’m working alone so the scope of my project is smaller than a few of the others.

I’m currently

  • rewriting the syllabus and calendar/agenda/etc.: this is much more tedious than I thought it would be! I have a deeper respect for teachers after working on these documents. It reminded me of a lot of the updating I do for work when I send out the Summer Scheduling Package–correcting all the dates for each session, replacing all the “2012”s with “2013”s.
  • Assignments: decided to do three debates in class, which was in our original plan (and was actually my idea! YAY!), so I’m doing a bit of Internet research on this activity. I hope to have instructions and a rubric ready before Wednesday–I’ll post them to the Wiki. I would LOVE your feedback.


  • Building Self and Peer Assessment in Blackboard for the service diaries
  • Jitt: Creating a Google Doc for students to answer questions weekly that will help drive class refresh lectures.

I was looking forward to doing a project on my own, especially something technical like this one. Springtime gets really busy for me, socially (birthdays, anniversaries, Record Store Day, etc.), so it’s harder to fit group meetings into my schedule. But working alone is actually pretty lonely! It’s difficult not to have anyone with whom I can discuss ideas, though my poor husband sure has gotten an earful.


3 thoughts on “Adult 642, reflection twelve

  1. Mel, my husband always reminds me of the “contract” that I signed one night in my sleep. It allows him all sorts of advantages and cuts him lots of slack! You husband is proud of you, even if you sound like Miss Othmar (Peanuts) when you ramble, I’m sure! Glad that you sorted through some of the overload. Record Store Day sounds interesting!

  2. “well thought-out, organized ideas that are clearly presented is the key to these instructional design projects.” Your own quote from past reflection. Development work is all about clearly described activities and their purpose. It’s often all about working alone to get it done as well.

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