Adult 606, Reflection one

After a few weeks learning and reading about designing programs, the work I did in 642 is starting to click for me. Katherine and I were flying by the seats of our pants, analyzing and then creating actual programs within two weeks. That semester will continue to inform and shape the work I do here. When you’re doing so much work so fast, you have no choice but to learn everything in a short amount of time.


Joyce led us through Caffarella’s model, but I don’t think she ever specifically used the words. We did so much analysis of the environment and administrative issues, both in class and with our groups (we met virtually almost every week). I remember thinking that it was so much work and I just wanted to get on with writing the program! But the analysis ended up being the most essential part of the learning process. Every activity we do in Caffarella reinforces that, too!

While I haven’t done an official needs analysis for the semester-long project for this course, I really see a need in my department,–and at VCU–for a training course in social media that is tailored to the objectives of the department. I was thinking of doing something that I am more comfortable with–HR, for example, or teaching a specific tech-related task– but because I like challenges and probably taking on too much, I chose this project. In addition, I think it will be a great resume builder, especially if the department decides to let me facilitate the training at some point.


One thought on “Adult 606, Reflection one

  1. How is your project progressing? We never seem to land in the same small group so I am out of the loop. I think that everyone that enters the university should take a modified course similar to the social media course that we took last fall. As far as I am concerned, they are all life skills for the 21st century. On many occasions, I remarked how I wish that I had networking skills as a teacher before I left the field. Social Media should become a tool for communicating, a natural extension of our work habits. Good luck and keep us posted. Sounds like a great adventure!

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