Adult 610, Reflection two

I honestly did not mean to pick on Block too much during me and Lauren’s presentation of contracting on Monday night, but that’s what it looked like! I have very strong opinion about technology use in education, and I include consulting with this, since we are in the adult education program. I don’t mind meeting in person, and I understand there are lots of projects that require it. However, there is so much we can do with all the technology that is available to us! I don’t think my usage even scrapes the surface of what I can really do with technology, given the tools and education (as I have learned, education to stay up to date with technology never ends).

Allen recording Live at Ipanema by PJ Sykes.

Allen recording Live at Ipanema by PJ Sykes.

Our group is kicking into high gear in regards to the consulting project. We have already met with Allen Bergendahl, the man behind Viking Recording and Live at Ipanema and have been creating our memo via a shared Google Drive document. I find that this works quite well for group work, though sometimes folks don’t feel comfortable typing on the document right away; it takes some warming to get used to the process, and nothing is permanent! It was also helpful when we created a list of questions for our initial meeting–Drive is a great brainstorming tool. The other thing I love is that it is also an app and can be accessed on my phone and iPad! I sound like an add for Google, and I swear I received no compensation for this little tirade.

So far, the biggest challenge of this project is LIFE. I’m taking two classes while working full time, Joanne has a stressful job and dog sits, and Susan lives 1.5 hours away and works late. Figuring out how to fit this project into our schedules has been difficult, but with technology (regular Google Hangouts, Susan participating in the initial meeting with Allen via a Hangout, editing documents together and the wonderful portable email) we have managed to excel.

We are working on a variety of ideas: marketing, business plan, transitioning Viking to a full time job. I had initially intended us to build Allen a website, which he does need, but not as much as he needs an outside analysis of his business. He actually wants that! I get nervous when people “tell me like it is” but Allen is ready for it!

photo by PJ Sykes

Another LAI photo by PJ Sykes.

This project is particularly meaningful to me because we are helping Allen, my friend’s husband, who works closely with many of my other friends who are in bands. I truly want our work to matter to Allen, his business, and his family. I am secretly excited about going to Live at Ipanema this Sunday for “research” (I do plan to take notes and ask for interviews from a few of Allen’s clients) because it means I will get to see my friends that I haven’t seen since the summer break between classes!


5 thoughts on “Adult 610, Reflection two

  1. Who is Block ? Where do you disagree? All of the skills that we developed in Adlt 631 seem so natural now to me. I often forget that they are natural to others. Hangouts are great ways to keep in touch and to manage busy schedules. Are you taping your sessions and posting or saving them? I enjoy reading about classes that I will take in the future. Lurking is a great way to get a sense of what happens next! Have a great time on Sunday.

  2. Hi Melissa:

    Here I am! I think you did a fine job of pointing out the strengths of technology in our class discussion the other night (Consulting Skills). I think some of the theory and process presented in the readings are timeless and helpful, but I do agree that things have really changed dramatically, even in the past few years, so technology is becoming really integrated into everything we do. I work with a lot of doctors and I am so excited to see how the ability to exchange information via video and voice in real time is changing their world. The help of really specialized doctors is now available in many corners of the world as long as the technology is there — and that is a lot easier than trying to fund having the doctor on site.

    I love your pictures in the post!


  3. You know I share your views on the usefulness of technology, and I was really disappointed that someone of Block’s stature would risk his reputation by opening up a discussion on a topic in which he doesn’t seem well-versed. Regarding our project, I am thrilled with how it’s coming together and the direction it’s taking. I think Allen is providing us with a wonderful opportunity to practice what we’re learning, and I hope that in return we provide him with a meaningful plan to further his work with Viking.

  4. I don’t think you were picking on Block too much at all – technology has advanced at such a rapid rate and there are always so many new resources being invented. I like to do things face to face, but with the advances of technology, you can still do things face to face without being in the same room. I feel like people that aren’t current on technology might still think that if you are meeting remotely, it means that you are talking on the phone or emailing and that’s it. That being said, sometimes nothing beats a meeting when you are all in the same room hashing things out.

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