Adult 606, Reflection two

I am now plodding my way through the design phase of my training project. I have received some helpful feedback from instructors (for example, the skill in the department ranges from “has trouble turning on a computer” to “works closely with the CTE for new ways to incorporate technology in the classroom”) that has informed my design (focusing on making the input interesting and interactive to hold the attention of the experienced faculty while also including activities that allow instructors to share ideas and learn from each other). I am presenting in a little more than a week so I am working on my presentation/input/task for the 15th. I am pretty attached to my topic (hashtags because they are so darn interesting and a hot topic lately). Here are some of the questions I am working to answer:

1. How long should the input be?

2. How can I bring in several of the Is to my task?

3. Can I modify the input in the interest of time but include a longer version in my final deliverable? And if so, what should I cut? How much does the input inform the task?


Another part of this project I am working on, which should be a larger part of my next blog, is actual topic research. My initial instinct, while it was totally wrong, was to just write from knowledge and experience. But no college professor is going to accept that! So, here I am, spending breaks on the computer between other projects, Googling “hashtags.” I know I will over do it because I want to know everything. So far I am gathering some helpful links that I have bookmarked on diigo. I am trying to only use information that is well researched¬† and professional–no opinion blog posts full of misspellings. Thankfully, I also have several articles saved to my iPad from Adult 642, which will also come in handy. Finally, I am doing some academic research on EBSCO, selecting articles that support my ideas that I can include in my deliverable. I would also like to do some general research on how many topics I should cover–the general consensus was that 2-3 hours is the ideal time for a class like this due to schedules.

So far my project is looking like this:


Overview of social media and how it’s being used in classrooms

Open question: What do people use and how?


Hashtags Activity


Ways to stay informed/you don’t need to know everything



Learning Pyramid

This is, of course, subject to change as I spend more time researching and organizing my session (plus there will have to be some assessment in there somewhere, maybe post-training). I find that it’s helpful to have a skeleton plan so I have something to work towards.

I would like the session to be very open and allow for comments and ideas from the students (it’s weird calling them that, for to me they are faculty!). Maybe they can tech each other! Bloom’s Learning Pyramid is always with me.

Hashtag graphic from Slate.


2 thoughts on “Adult 606, Reflection two

  1. You’re off to a great start! One of the challenges will be (referring to what you mentioned earlier) the skill level. Some people know their way around technology and what importance it plays in the classroom while others have no idea what the power button does. I say that it will be a challenge because the intent will be, “how do you facilitate material without alienating any of the audience?” One of the things I do which helps me with gauging the level of knowledge is by asking the learners during the introductions, “how long have you been a blah blah blah” or “what experience do you have with blah blah blah?” That way, I know whether I can speak in big words or smaller, more simplistic ones. As long as there are adult learners, that challenge will exist. However I’m sure you’ll get great reviews regardless of the learner’s level of expertise!

    • Thanks Rodney, this is a really great comment! I will be asking you for advice! I hope that my input will be lively enough, plus while I’m sure some people will know some of the information they have probably never been taught it.
      I’m definitely adding “introductions” in my content, asking the learners to discuss how much experience they have with social media. Thanks for the suggestion, it’s a fantastic idea!

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