Adult 610, Reflection three

We are now in full discovery/research mode here at team Viking Recording and we are all working on something different. So as not to spoil the work of my fellow teammates, I will write about some of the things I have been working on.

PJ, Allen & Josh from Psalmships at Live at Ipanema.

PJ, Allen & Josh from Psalmships at Live at Ipanema.

1. I have been to two Live at Ipanemas to observe Allen and critically examine the series. This has been difficult to do because my husband is intimately involved and Allen is a good friend of mine but I think I got some good data. The first show, which was a more traditional LAI showcase, featured touring artist Psalmships (but just Josh solo acoustic) and local band Valdosta (David Shultz has worked with Allen for many years). This was on the series’ regular Sunday night and it was one of the more sparsely attended LAIs that I have attended. This Tuesday, William Tyler, a nationally known guitar player, visited Ipanema–local guitarist Dave Watkins opened up. The place was packed and there were two bartenders on staff instead of the usual one. PJ and Allen worked very hard to get a recognizable act, even forfeiting their own fees to pay William. The show was definitely one of the series peaks and now something to strive for every month. I will be interested to see the numbers for online listens for this show compared to others.

2. The other thing I have been working on is interviewing artists that Allen has worked with, as well as regular LAI guests. I’m definitely getting some good ideas on how to improve LAI (mostly involving loud people at the bar disrupting the performance). Our hope is that we can use some of this as testimonials for inclusion on a future website of Allen’s.

On Block:

I have talked a lot with Susan about Peter Block, and I think I would like him better if his book was called Lawless Consulting. He’s too establishment and corporate for me. I worry that he has tainted me for my chosen career–though I will say I am even more interested in staying in academia or the non profit world than I was before. I think that texts like this should be more inclusive, or at least try to be. He’s speaking from a world of white male privilege and there are so many things women and people of color also have to navigate (not to mention people from other cultures) that are not even mentioned. I also wish he was more forward-thinking when it comes to technology.

I also think that analyzing FC in this way is very positive. I hope I have time to address this in my last few blog posts for this class–what can Block do differently to address minority groups? Why don’t I feel this why about other class books? Is educational theory more gender-neutral than practical applications?


One thought on “Adult 610, Reflection three

  1. I love that you have such strong feelings about Block – when I’m reading, I keep waiting to get some sort of emotional or strong reaction about what he’s saying…but I just haven’t. Since I’m not getting these strong reactions like you are, it’s so fun to read (and hear) what you get out of the readings. Your project sounds like it’s coming along wonderfully – good luck!

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