Adult 606, Reflection three

I am so glad that I asked Dr. Hurst about the format of our content last week! I have pages and pages of instructions but writing them up in a formal style, with real sentences and everything, would take days.

I do think I took on too much creating an entire program from scratch. I have used some of the resources of Jeff Nugent’s Adult 641 class for the Blackboard site, but everything else is all me. I’m not doing it for my job and the topic is of interest to me, but it’s not something I do for a living. It’s something I want to do for a living and, combined with the fact that the Vice Provost wants to review my work, I am kind of freaking out due to the pressure.

Speaking of showing my work to others, do any of you have experience with writing something like training and protecting it as your own intellectual property? An instructor friend of mine had something of his taken by someone else at the university and I do not want that to happen to me. Not that I think my work is amazing and everyone will want to steal it, but I do want to make sure it is marked as my work. Perhaps I was naive, but I never thought that this was even a possibility.

I recently read Tiny Beautiful Things, a collection of semi-advice columns from writer Cheryl Strayed that appeared on the Rumpus as Dear Sugar. This one, about breakups during the age of social media, reminded me of this project. It is lovely, as is the rest of the book. Lately I am obsessed with reading for pleasure, even though I don’t have time to do it, what with all the Vella and Schein and such. It is what I am most looking forward to when I finish this degree!

Will do a post later this week about finishing my project and writing the ABOs, which is difficult for me.




One thought on “Adult 606, Reflection three

  1. I know you have worked hard on this topic/presentation and it totally deserves to be recognized by the Vice Provost! I find Social Medial creeping into the workplace and educational settings more and more everyday. Having this class/presentation on how to help incorporate it in a way that relates to the user is so beneficial. We’re moving in the direction of utilizing Social Media for all outlets, why not get on board now and maybe even get ahead! Get work Melissa!

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