Adult 610, reflection four

Even though we were well prepared, I didn’t think it was going to work. I didn’t actually think I would be able to refrain myself and actually participate in process consulting (I am very opinionated). But I did it, with the help of my amazing group, and we succeeded!

Saturday morning at 9am (Allen had to record the rest of the day) we had our feedback meeting. We followed Block’s checklist #7 and presented our findings. To my amazement, the meeting shifted into a discussion about ways Allen could increase his business and we were able to use our research, give opinions, and participate in Allen’s own discovery. I was especially excited to talk about the importance of a website for Google search reasons–having a site that links to the artists he’s recorded AND other sites helps to improve Viking’s search return rating. Joanne and I were discussing this in a matter-of-fact way and I think it helped to get the wheels turning.

Some things that were thrown around: having PJ and I help him with his website, applying for grants and making music a part of the art/First Friday community (the city is very interested in supporting artists in the “art district”), and continuing social media usage (he’s doing a great job and the results are slow but there). As the meeting was ending, PJ and Allen had a side conversation about grant applications and other projects they can work on together, which I thought was exactly what should be happening.

I’m glad the client is my friend so I can continue to observe him and the actions he will take in the future to make his business better.


3 thoughts on “Adult 610, reflection four

  1. I think the outcome of your feedback meeting is terrific. Sometimes when you go into these meetings, it feels like you are flying without a safety net. Usually, however, the client begins to “discover” really good things (that you were thinking anyway) on their own. And this is the very best kind of discovery….because they really own it. I am so glad your team had a successful feedback session! Karen

  2. I agree with NewIdeaSpring! sounds like the feedback session went really well. And to facilitate your clients own discovery was probably truely fascinating. I also find it amazing how everything comes back to Page Rank! Don’cha love when the tech track overlaps with the work in other classes 😀

  3. I agree with the other comments as well, we noticed in our feedback meeting that the client was voicing suggestions that we were going to make before we had even said them. It feels good b/c you know you’re in the right direction. Good Job on your prject -0 can’t wait to see what happens next


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