Adult 636, Reflection one

I know we are not required to blog for capstone, but I am going to use my blog as a forum to sort out my reflections (to help the learning process progress) and my thoughts for the final paper. I take notes in Drive pretty much all the time, because I would never remember what to say in my final paper! I did not post this when I originally wrote it so I will split it off by weeks.

Week One

Amy Poehler trapI read all the assigned Marquardt chapters this weekend and I have to say they’re… interesting. Very repetitive. In fact, when I was reading a description of something, the words sounded familiar to me and I went back a few pages and realized he said the exact same thing earlier. I do think there is an increase in retention when you read something four times in a row but I do not think that was the point of this text. I hope it gets better.

As I was reading about active learning, I (naturally) began to think about how our group will use it. Like some of the things we did in Consulting, asking questions and only responding to a question is definitely a skill that we have to master. Because of this, it seems our learning will be vast. I am hoping to become a better listener as well as someone who can think on their feet and ask the best questions. I learn best when reading/writing (I love IMs and emails) and I think active inquiry will teach me how to learn aurally. I do hope there is always a chance to brainstorm and write questions beforehand!

Week Two

Wow, those speakers certainly were eye opening! The one question I really wanted to ask, and was answered by the panel, was about blogging. I wanted to make sure that my continuation of my blogging habit would not go to waste; in fact, all the previous students found blogging to be an integral part of the reflection and personal growth during the course. I might experiment with technology a bit and see how I can incorporate my learning into my final piece for the Adult Learning program.

Mean Girls Trust

I have spent a lot of the time since Thursday anxious and worried about our upcoming project–will we have time to bind? What if we argue all the time? Can we get everything done in such a short amount of time? A coworker is doing a similar project for something else and her group seems completely dysfunctional. It’s scaring me a bit. But, as I reflect on the reading and the time I’ve spent in other classes, I think I just need to trust the process. Maybe we should do trust falls a la Mean Girls? Giving yourself up to the process is really frightening! I have not finished the reading yet but will post some impressions of it later this week.


One thought on “Adult 636, Reflection one

  1. Melissa, I like your blog! First of all, the funny pictures make me laugh! Also, I like the honesty and the unique personality you show here. I can almost hear you saying all the words when reading your blog (Apparently, I am more an aural learning than a reading one). About the project, let’s follow the action learning guidance, trust the process, and keep our fingers crossed.

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