Adult 636, reflection five

I haven’t been doing much public reflection for the Capstone project–I’ve been taking notes on the data and themes in a document and coming to some personal conclusions. I’ve also been creating some informal solutions. While I wanted to use technology for this (voice recording/video), it’s so convenient to use Google Drive, which I can access at home, on my iPad/iPhone AND at work. Sometimes I can’t control WHEN I get inspiration and it’s nice to know I can access the work I have been doing anywhere.

Bring it On 2

I feel like I am totally failing at my role this week, which is cheerleader. I did OK Thursday, despite my crappy mood. But Sunday I could not make it happen, even with all the coffee and donuts in northside. Maybe I’m suffering from SAD, perhaps I should have put on music… I don’t know. I did send the ladies some clips from Bring it On. If I had some rhythm I would have done some “BRR! It’s cold in herrrrrrrreeee!” for them.

I wish my job was finding gifs to match with blogs. I am SO good at that.



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