Adult 650, Reflection eight

After everyone telling me I’d bawl for hours I put off reading Push. I just didn’t have it in me to cry so much. But because I hate being surprised, I read the synopsis on Wikipedia when the movie came out (side note: it is how I decide if I want to see something, especially if it’s sad). But I loved the book and I only cried a little (yay for being pro-spoiler!). Here are a few observations:

I thought it was really interesting how she became more aware of her situation, as well as her own possibilities, as her literacy level increased.

It was subtle, but I loved how Sapphire made her “writer,” Precious, become better with spelling and grammar as the novel wore on. Because Precious WOULD get better as she wrote more and more.

Is Blue Rain like, the most perfect person ever? She totally seems like it. I am very sensitive to these things, but I hope Sapphire didn’t make her a lesbian so Precious could see her as less than perfect.

I was not prepared for all the uncomfortable sex stuff, but she seemed to work through that in a similar fashion as she did everything else. Before, she did not have the knowledge or vocabulary to express what was really going on, and then, after the incest group, she realized she was not alone and you could tell she understood what she felt was shame.


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