Adult 650, Reflection nine

If you have talked to me since Friday you know I took the day off to catch up on some schoolwork and I was really really excited about it. Last week, I had begun analyzing my qualitative data for the 1-2-3 Project but that was as far as I had gotten. My eyes were crossing and nothing was making sense to me–I was too “in” the material and couldn’t get perspective.

Caitlin happened to be off Friday too and she brought her computer over in hopes she could get something done as well. I was pleasantly surprised that we used the power of social constructivism to work through our project. We helped each other hone in on themes and find supporting quotes in our interviews. Within two hours I had most of my presentation and hand out complete. I’m impressed with the connections I’m making and quite proud of the work I have done this semester.

Since it’s such a short presentation, I feel like there will only be time for themes, supporting quotes for the themes and a few overall implications. I’m closely following Dr. Muth’s rubric. Is that how it’s working for everyone else?

Right now the hardest task for me is to get images for the slides and handout. I just don’t feel this project lends itself to anything except borrrrrinnnngggg screenshots of the pre-approval form. Usually I have no trouble landing on the best images but something about the nature of this project is leaving my visually uninspired. I already tried to add gifs to my PowerPoint (my favorite source of visual inspiration, thanks to tumblr) but they only work as movie clips.

How do you get inspired to complete not-so-inspiring projects?


One thought on “Adult 650, Reflection nine

  1. You sounded so jazzed about your project in the first part of your blog, I was surprised at the way it ended. Is there anything in the original reason you chose this project that you can go back to for inspiration? Or can you find some excitement in some of your findings? Maybe your images can be more abstract that literal, or they could hone in on something from some of your good quotes. Good luck!

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