Adult 650, Reflection seven

I forgot to blog last week… but the articles we read were (of course) right up my alley.

I have been on twitter since 2008, under the name I use for everything online, bunnycaper. I was public and open and didn’t think of people outside of my circle reading my thoughts, because I guess I didn’t spend a lot of time reading through tweets of people I didn’t know and I projected that belief to others, I guess. I sent my twitter to private a few years ago so only people that I approved could follow me, and started another account for personal and school.

This was ok for a while: adult learning-related things were posted to one account and TV/music/all the hilarious things I say to another. It felt like I was splitting myself in two. Like the Marwick and boyd article, I was having a hard time maintaining public and private information so I stopped using the (public) school account and switched my personal account from private to public.

Right before I read this article, I began to have similar thoughts about authenticity and self-presentation on my own. Was I really being myself online, when I filtered my thoughts to different places with different settings? After all, my personal account was used less and less for weird personal rants–I was learning to present myself in a certain way and filter the comments I didn’t want anyone to read. I felt like my social media usage was maturing, and I was growing up, but there was some self-censorship going on. After reading this article and seeing what I was really doing… I am ok with self-censorship. I don’t think you need to post everything you are thinking all the time. I guess I was figuring out how to balance.

I think “I tweet honestly, I tweet passionately” is going to be one article I come back to repeatedly to analyze & get deeper insight into my own social media usage.


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