Adult 650, Reflection six


Honestly, I have been breathing the all-consuming Capstone project lately (and my final reflection and my digital story) and haven’t spent as much time on the 1-2-3 Project as I would like. So I am going to use this space to work out some of my questions. One of the things I have learned in completing nine (!!) in person interviews in the past week for Capstone is that bringing a set of broader questions with room for more specific probes (in italics) really works.

We drafted an intro that we use to explain to the interviewee and I have modified for this project. While I will not read it word for word in the interview, it helps to have it in front of me.

As you may recall, this interview is part of a project I am doing for my Literacy and Diversity graduate class to examine the role of the Travel Authorization form at VCU. While I will be taking notes today so I can remember all the good points of our conversation, I want to assure you that our discussion will remain confidential. In my final project, I will remove your name and will attribute comments to your role (“fiscal administrator,” “director,” etc.). 

  1. Name and job title.
  2. How long have you been working at VCU?
  3. Please describe your role.
  4. What is your experience working with the travel authorization form?  Any knowledge of the history? What is your role in the process? Who completes them in your area? What training have you had? What information do you need to know to complete it? Approve it? Where do you go for policy information? (To whom?) 
  5. What is working well with the TAF? How has Chrome River changed the process?
  6. What can be improved?

If you have suggestions, please let me know! I really want to know what to ask that will lead me to the good stuff.
I think the information I am looking for is some historical background and how one’s role (privilege?) plays into how they feel about the TAF. So far three people have agreed to an interview: an office manager (completes these for over 200 travelers), fiscal director and a faculty director who has lots of experience with traveling.[ETA: I just emailed two people requesting interviews next week: a contact from Lauren, an administrator who just did a TAF for the first time, and an employee who has frequently traveled as both a classified and faculty employee who can bring a unique perspective. I am certain I can work out my questions in the next week.]


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