Updates, August 4, 2014

Almost three months have passed since I walked across the stage to shake hands with the Dean and receive a rolled up piece of paper while my friends and family screamed for me. A friend told me that even months after she graduated, it still doesn’t feel real, which is kind of where I am right now. I am still remembering things I’ve learned and seeing how they fit into my everyday life. For instance, today, I was (mentally) comparing process consulting to the work I did helping faculty members redesign their courses. I plan to use both of these skills in my future career (whatever that is), I just didn’t realize how well they work together.

Candidly Nicole 5

Here are some things that have been entertaining me this summer:

Deadwood!: Inspired by inside jokes with my Capstone classmates that are not appropriate for this space, I began watching this show on HBOGO. I was really struck reading tales of David Milch and the years of careful research he put in to create an entire universe.

Books! I belong to a great book club with a few rad, multitalented ladies, and so far this summer we have read Flappers and The Book of Unknown Americans, but I’ve also read on my own (in between episodes of Deadwood, of course). My favorite might have been Roxane Gay’s An Untamed State, about a kidnapped woman in Haiti, which reminded me of Bastard out of Carolina in that it was  brisk and well written, yet extraordinarily painful.

Blogging! I love to write about pop culture, which thankfully I get to do almost every day in the blog I run with my bestie. I am particularly proud of this recent post, which details my foray into DJing. I am interested in putting my experiences and hobbies into words, whether people read those words or not.

I am also taking free tech classes at VCU and expanding my WordPress and coding skills. I want to redesign this blog, visit art, get inspired by music, scan and edit my negatives, watch The West Wing, and go on road trips with my husband. There are so many things I want to learn and do, and now that school’s over, I finally have time!